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Newsletter no.1 - January 2023

Dear national age/maturity coordinator
A new updated version of SmartDots has been released and an update for all users is mandatory. The manuals are being updated and will be integrated to one for age and maturity. Plans are underway for user training sessions in Spring 2023.

The following new features are included and installation of the updated version will not affect any events that are underway.

For age-reading events:

  • • The bottom toolbar is removed and there is no longer a save button. All dataare saved automatically. The back button is now integrated in the top bar,next to the SmartDots logo.

  • • The adjustment of brightness and contrast is moved and is now integrated inthe image panel. The scale information is also integrated in the left bottomcorner.

  • • The Help menu is expanded. Links to the SmartDots github, ICES SmartDotsSharePoint, ICES vocab and the SmartDots YouTube channel can be foundhere and an about popup was added where you can find the versionnumber.

  • • A settings menu is added. For now, there is only one setting. You can restorethe default lay-out if you have changed the positions of the different panels.

For maturity events:

The SmartDots software has been expanded so that annotations for maturity events can now also be performed.


  • • All reporting issues outlined in the WGBIOP 2022 report have been solved.

  • • The layout of the AEM table in the report has been changed so that all rowssum to 1.

  • • The multimodal stage analysis is ready for testing in TAF.

  • • The updated maturity report is now completed and ready for testing.

Best regards


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