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 IDName of the eventPurposeYearSpeciesStart DateStatusOrganizer Email
74 2018 North Sea Norway Pout Age Reading Exchange - Whole and Broken Age reading2018Trisopterus esmarkii10/01/
77 2018 North Sea Norway Pout Age Reading Exchange - Sectioned Age reading2018Trisopterus esmarkii11/01/
80 Exchange turbot 2018 Age reading2018Scophthalmus maximus01/04/
81 Anchovy Exchange 2018 Age reading2018Engraulis encrasicolus01/05/
82 IOS Demo Sandeel Age reading2018Ammodytes28/03/
85 IOS Demo Plaice Age reading2018Pleuronectes platessa04/04/
86 Trac Med 2018 Age reading2018Trachurus mediterraneus09/04/
87 Trac trac 2018 Age reading2018Trachurus trachurus22/06/
102 PRE-WKARMAC2 Exercise Age reading2018Scomber scombrus03/10/

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